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Established and emerging leaders graduate with a wealth of relevant knowledge about our community, as well as renewed skills, passion and commitment to make a difference. Rich personal relationships are formed as a result of the shared class experiences in the 9-month program. Participants become more connected and better able to fully engage in and effect improvements in the community.

Other benefits include:

  • A better understanding of the community in which you live and work
    Participants learn about the driving forces and critical issues affecting Winston Salem and Forsyth County, and learn how they can make a difference.
  • Deeper awareness of the role of servant leadership skills in community improvement
    The Action Learning process gives participants a greater awareness of their leadership strengths and opportunities for growth as servant leaders. Through the course of project work, team members encounter opportunities for problem solving, conflict resolution, appreciation for diverse perspectives, and reflection for deeper understanding.
  • High quality training and programming
    Leadership Winston-Salem provides the highest caliber of speakers, experiential learning, and meaningful dialog. Each of the full-day programs provide experiences that enhance knowledge, open doors to further exploration, and inspire action.
  • Relationships and networking
    Over the course of the program, strong relationships are forged. These relationships are built on a strong sense of commitment to the community.

CottinghamHead shotThis is not your average leadership program. While it builds upon core learning strategies that develop strategic and team building techniques, it more importantly ignites an internal spark to serve others and the community. As a graduate of Leadership Winston-Salem, I have adopted a servant leadership philosophy which I believe is an asset to being an effective leader and working with others. Based on this philosophy, I volunteer time to such organizations as the Hispanic League, where I am currently on the board of directors. While such volunteerism is beneficial personally, I have also discovered the relationships formed during a volunteer experience often produce professional contacts that are long lasting.

Michael Cottingham,
Communications Manager, Northwest Community Care Network
Class of 2010