As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend our lives at work, at home and in our communities, Leadership Winston-Salem reconfirms its mission to educate, connect and energize community leaders to serve and improve our community.  We continue to work together to adapt the our programming and graduate our current Flagship and INSIGHT Classes of 2020.

As we all adjust to this temporary state of affairs, it is essential that we continue to serve our partners, alumni and the general public, especially during this extraordinary health crisis.  Please do what you can to support not only local businesses but the many non-profits that make our community such an incredible place to live. We have a long history of working together for the greater good so it is more incumbent than ever that leaders step in and help those who may lack resources.

While the world is changing minute by minute, the LWS family remains constant in our affirmation to ignite community leadership through every step.

Help us thank our Social Services Day Sponsors

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Help us thank our Social Services Day Sponsors

The mission of Leadership Winston-Salem educating, connecting and energizing leaders to serve and improve the community – guides everything we do. Our programs are all about building strong, lasting relationships with other leaders, learning more about our community, and being inspired to make a difference in our community.

Leadership Winston-Salem, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, began in 1984 by Thomas K. Hearn, Jr., Julius H. Corpening and C. Edward Pleasants, to increase the understanding and commitment to the city’s future during a time of significant change.

Our Flagship Program retained the same format from 1984 until 2004. At which time it was taken offline to undergo a redesign effort using  in order to incorporate adult learning principles and best practices in experiential learning. The reformulated program which began in 2005, reflects the results of that effort. From its inception in 1984 over 1,500 individuals, representing the rich diversity of our community, have graduated from the program.

A complementary program, INSIGHT: WINSTON-SALEM, was added in 2012. INSIGHT  is designed FOR senior level executives BY key community leaders who serve as trustees for this six session evening forum. Objectives for this invitation-only offering are:

  • Connecting leaders with each other and established local community leaders;
  • Facilitating leadership conversations about our community; and
  • Fostering engagement and collaboration for community improvement.

Your investment in Leadership Winston-Salem matters!

You provide the opportunity for others be be energized to serve our community. Through your gifts, lives can be improved. The results of your support are evident in projects provided by our Flagship Classes–projects serving organizations such as the Clemmons Food Pantry and The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem.  Please consider a gift today. You can make a difference.

I have encouraged others to enter the program. I learned so much about myself, the community, and how to better serve on boards and contribute on a higher level. I have applied for a city commission and have met with two non-profits about board membership. Thank you LWS!
Cindy Strine -  Winston-Salem State University
To really see the needs in a very personal way through the different LWS days. It really opened my eyes to the food deserts and the number of children who face hunger.
Maria Burke -  Hanesbrands
This community welcomed me with open arms and opportunities. In return, I am delighted to serve on 2 community boards. The more involved I become the more “at home” I feel at Winston Salem!
Gloria Laureano -  Winston-Salem State University
Each of the full-day programs has been well structured and packed with information about the City and County which has given me a more comprehensive knowledge of the complexity of challenges faced by citizens, service providers and government at every level. The greatest benefit of Leadership Winston-Salem was the rich resource of people with whom we made personal contact, from our classmates to the presenters and the Leadership Winston-Salem team. Thank you!
Bill Womble Jr. - Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC, Partner
By meeting passionate people who want to serve our great community! It made me better understand that together we can make a difference.
Daisy Rodriguez -  Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina