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Crafting solutions to nonprofit & community dilemmas

What is Action Learning?
Action learning brings together a diverse team of ”untainted” non-experts to explore a complex problem or potential opportunity through a fresh set of eyes. In the Leadership Winston-Salem program:

  • Projects are solicited from non-profit community organizations.
  • Teams of class participants focus on both a deliverable and the leadership learning process itself through inquiry, reflection and feedback.
  • A team coach works with each team to ensure that the leadership learning takes place along with the work on deliverables.

Participant Benefits
Class participants invest themselves in these projects, often experiencing a personal connection with their partner agency that extends beyond the end of the project.

Project Partner Benefits
Partner agencies reap valuable benefits from this process, not just in the formal results of the project team’s work. Other benefits include:

  • increased personal investment in the agency’s work by the project team;
  • increased visibility of the agency among all members of the class when each project team reports to the class and the partner agencies on their efforts and results on the last day of the program;
  • project teams generally also present to the agency’s board of directors on the key issue they tackled and their results.

Submit A Proposal


We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 program year. The deadline for proposals is August 28.

The Action Learning Committee reviews project descriptions and communicates with each organization regarding whether the project meets the action learning criteria or if any changes are needed. If the project is a good fit, it will be included in a list which the incoming class member review. Eight projects are selected. Selected organizations are notified late October.

“The team was very enthusiastic and dedicated to working with our organization to go above and beyond. They decided on three action plans instead of just the one we requested. It appears that several will remain in contact with our organization, one on our board of directors.”

-Debbi Butner, Family Promise