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Our Ideal Flagship candidate is:

  • A middle or upper-level leader from a variety of sectors or industries that include, but are not limited to, business, healthcare, education, government, entrepreneurial, non-profit, and not-for-profit organizations or a strong volunteer leader
  • A life-long learner who is open to new experiences and perspectives
  • A volunteer in the community in a significant way or who aspires to get more involved
  • An individual who is willing and able to make a commitment to improve their community

Program Requirements: Applicants who live or work in Winston-Salem or Forsyth County are eligible for the program. Candidates should have the support of their employers to participate in the program, including necessary time away from work. To make the most of this unique experience, participants must make the commitment to attend the full program days and engage in Action Learning projects, another crucial part of this experience.

Time and Effort Commitments for the Flagship program include:

  • Attendance at the two mandatory days of the Opening Retreat in October
  • Attendance at nine program day sessions (one full program day each month from October through May, with two half “pre-days” in October & January).  Program Days are 7:15am to 5:15pm, typically on the first Wednesday of each month. The half “pre-day” programs are late afternoons on Thursdays. (Please refer to the published calendar below for the approved calendar for 2024-2025.
  • Completion of Action Learning project work, supplemental reading and assigned pre-work between scheduled sessions (varies according to each program day committee’s recommendations)
  • Participation in the final mandatory day of Action Learning Project presentations and class induction ceremony in June
  • Assistance as a volunteer on a Flagship program day committee or other LWS committee or council in support of program day creation & execution, alumni engagement efforts, or organizational growth and development

Dates for 2024-2025 Flagship Program

*Wednesday, October 2 & Thursday, October 3, 2024
Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. Opening Retreat

Thursday, October 24, 2024
Our Community Day Bus Tour (four-hour afternoon program)

Wednesday, November 6, 2024
Our Community Day

Wednesday, December 4, 2024
Government, Criminal Justice, and Public Safety Day

Thursday, January 9, 2025
Human Relations Pre-Day (four-hour evening program)

Wednesday, January 15, 2025
Human Relations Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2025
Healthcare Day

Wednesday, March 5, 2025
Arts & Innovation Day

Wednesday, April 9, 2025
Education Day

Wednesday, May 7, 2025
Social Services Day

*Wednesday, June 4, 2025
Closing Session

*Thursday, June 5, 2025
Celebration (5:00 pm – 8:30 pm)

Each program day typically begins at 7:15am and ends at 5:00pm
*denotes mandatory attendance