We hope you will consider applying for the Leadership Winston-Salem 9-month Flagship Program.  Please read each section carefully for choices on how to submit your application materials.

Please download and print the instructions first.

  1. Application Instructions – PDF format
  2. Flagship Application (Required) – MS Word format OR submit your application online
  3. Flagship Commitment Forms (Required) – MS Word format –submit via email.
  4. Reference Form (Recommended) – MS Word format OR submit a reference online
  5. Tuition Assistance Request(Optional) – MS Word format OR submit a tuition assistance request online

You must complete and email items #2 and 3 together to be considered a candidate. You will receive confirmation via email that these items have been received. Item #4 is optional. Item #5 should only be completed if it applies and submitted with items #2 and 3.