The mission of Leadership Winston-Salem–educating, connecting and energizing leaders to serve and improve the community–guides everything we do. Our programs are all about building strong, lasting relationships with other leaders, learning more about our community than you ever thought you could, and being inspired to make a difference in our community.

Leadership Winston-Salem, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, was started in 1984 by Thomas K. Hearn, Jr., Julius H. Corpening and C. Edward Pleasants, to increase the understanding and commitment to the city’s future during a time of significant change.

Our Flagship Program ran for 20 years and then was taken offline to undergo a redesign effort using adult learning principles and best practices in experiential learning. The current program, re-started in 2005, reflects the results of that effort. In all over 1,500 individuals, representing the rich diversity of our community, have graduated from the program.

Added in 2012, INSIGHT: WINSTON-SALEM is designed FOR senior level executives BY key community leaders who serve as Trustees for this six session evening forum. Objectives for this invitation-only offering are:

  • Connecting leaders with each other and established local community leaders;
  • Facilitating leadership conversations about our community; and
  • Fostering engagement and collaboration for community improvement.

“When you see an awakening in yourself and others with this broader understanding, you want to share that. In one year….I know more about this town than I know about [the town] where I lived for 20 years. You can’t help but invest your heart more into the place. Knowledge is power in that way.”